DTED is dead.

    The Map won’t tell you everything you need to know     Throughout my career as a professional soldier I was reminded that the map only tells so much about the terrain, and that in ground operations the terrain would be a prime point of consideration for all tactical decision-making. This went straight

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eSim Games at ITEC 2017

.               . Rotterdam, May 16-18, 2017 This year eSim Games exhibited at ITEC again (and once more the Clarion management demonstrated their refined ability to pick a most unique and remarkable color for the show floor carpet). Located at stand #6, our Steel Beasts Professional managed to capture the attention of casual

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Off to Rotterdam

Final preparations are underway – eSim Games relocates to the Netherlands for a week. We’re looking forward to meeting you there. Together with our partner Diehl Defence we’ll exhibit a Marder turret live – you’re invited to hop in, and have some old school gunnery fun with a 1000 RPM 20mm autocannon. As a lasting

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SB Pro PE 4.006 Available For Download

The Release Notes for the update to version 4.006 can be found here. In addition to the feature description of the major changes, and installation advice, it also (naturally) lists the changes from the initial 4.000 release version. The update is urgently recommended due to it fixing a number of important bugs, particularly related to the Windows 10 Anniversary

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