Off to Rotterdam

Final preparations are underway – eSim Games relocates to the Netherlands for a week.

We’re looking forward to meeting you there. Together with our partner Diehl Defence we’ll exhibit a Marder turret live – you’re invited to hop in, and have some old school gunnery fun with a 1000 RPM 20mm autocannon. As a lasting souvenir, we’ll have the world’s best mousepad ready, this year in its fifth iteration – giving a hint about future developments.

Oh, and we’ll have the prototype of the new terrain engine ready, just in case you were wondering. Fortunately we got the permission to use a LIDAR scan based sub-meter resolution terrain database for demonstration purposes. Visitors of the Åben Hede events – a popular annual display of Danish firepower – will immediately recognize the sand dunes of the Kallemærsk heath between Oksbøl and Blåvandshuk.


The only downside is a reduced responsiveness for customer support requests. Also, the web shop will be closed down for a few days. Please excuse the inconvenience.