Online License Orders

Online License Orders
After placing an online order for a license you should receive an additional email with a link to a license server that will allow you to add the license(s) to your CodeMeter dongle using a standard web browser. Please note:

• You should receive two emails, both within minutes after ordering. One is the order confirmation email. The other is the email with the link to the license server.
• If you fail to receive one or both emails, please check your anti-spam repository (if you have one).
• If the emails still cannot be found there, then there may be a problem with your email service.  Please send an email via a alternate email service/address to  with your name, email address that you used when ordering and, if you received it, your order confirmation number.

Once you have the link to the license server, we recommend the following:

• Make sure to have the the latest CodeMeter runtime installed. The Codemeter runtime is installed as part of the SB software installation but you can also download it here:
• Chrome and the new version of Microsoft Edge should work.  If you are running older versions of Windows 10 that have the old non chromium version of Edge, it will not work.
• Have your CodeMeter dongle plugged into a USB port. If you have more than one dongle in a USB port, makes sure you have the desired dongle selected in the CmContainer drop box.
• On the target web page, click the “activate” link(s) rather than the “Activate all my Licenses” button. After a few seconds you should have the license(s) on your dongle.
• If you ordered both a new license and one or more secondary licenses, you must activate the new license first.