Market Analysis

Armies world wide face the challenge of providing better training for more complex situations and systems in a time of smaller defense budgets. In the field, more and more responsibility is being transferred to junior leaders and small units at the company level and below. A higher level of professionalism and better training and education are required throughout all command levels.

Computer simulations can be a smart solution to this problem. While simulations cannot replace proven and tested conventional training tools and methods, they certainly can augment them. Being able to repeat important lessons over and over can help instill confidence and tactical expertise in the soldier, forming the basis for quick decision making, which is necessary for high-tempo operations.

To maximize the benefits from simulations in training, simulations must be available wherever and whenever the training demands it. While there are a few high fidelity simulators for platoon and company level training, the investment volume for each training site is significant. This limits the employment of these simulators on a broad scale. The rotation of line units through these simulator centers causes a significant overhead in organization, with precious training time often being wasted on basic maneuver training.

The Steel Beasts product line provides a solution to this problem: Highly affordable, off-the-shelf simulations that can run on most any multimedia PC to help prepare for complex tactical decision making under real-time conditions. Steel Beasts Professional provides a flexible and scalable commander and battle-staff trainer for digital operations that is economical enough to be widely deployed in any lab environment. Steel Beasts Pro PE is economical enough to be given to every individual soldier for use on the soldier’s personal notebook or home PC.