Save 26% on SB Pro Sale!

As of today, and until the release of Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.0, eSim Games offers a special deal for classic licenses of version 3.0 in our web shop. At only $85.- the licenses offer a savings in excess of 25% over the regular price of $115.- This year, Fools’ Day is on us. under reconstruction

The Steel Beasts fan site (and with it, the user forum) is currently under reconstruction. Expect it to resume service shortly, the current projectedtime is “tomorrow”. Sean and Homer report that the work is going well, they try to preserve as many of the old forum’s user settings as possible.

Apparently, we’re spammers

Not, that we are. Honestly, we’re not!   The problem is that there’s an increasing number of internet service providers (including very large ones, I’m looking at you, CableOne and Verizon!) that seems to filter our messages to you even when we’re directly replying to your tech support or sales inquiries. If you sent us …

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