Spanish Army Exercises With SB Pro

Due to website construction works we can announce the new video on The Steel Beasts Channel only with a delay.

Last year in April 2017 the Spanish Army was kind enough to invite us to a new format of their brigade level command post exercises where Steel Beasts plays a role in providing operators with a 3D view of the scene, and to be the means to generate incidents during the exercise to which the brigade commander and his staff must react.

In this context, 70 Steel Beasts machines out of 700 people involved in the whole event may not sound too much, but those machines ran about 15,000 computer-generated entities in a scenario involving multiple parties, based on geospecific terrain, to prepare the soldiers for a coming engagement under the command of the United Nations.

The mechanized brigade “Extremadura” near the Portugese border served as the pilot organization within the Spanish Army. By now, all Spanish brigade HQs should regularly exercise in a similar fashion, with Steel Beasts support.