SB Pro PE 4.363: Full Installer Available For Download

The full installer (version 4.363) is available for download, effective immediately.
eSim Staff are standing by in the user forum to assist you if you run into any kind of obstacle.
The release notes and download links can be found on the downloads page.

4 of the new Ukraine maps have been optimized for loading speed, so:
o These are the same maps as before, but have of course new map IDs
o You should definitely delete the old versions from your Map Packages directory first, just so there will be no misunderstanding when you try to load a scenario with the old, slow map. In this case, open such a scenario in the Mission Editor, and choose to replace the old map with the new ones
o Mission Designers are urgently advised to update their scenarios and purge traces of old version where you can find them
o Kiev East aab94a0c-2a87-45c7-a518-940a3e2c92b3
o Kiev West bb104aa2-be76-4587-87ed-2c4cd3bca5a9
o Kramatorsk 5045eb19-688a-4266-90e6-5ad4e58b3e76
o Mykolaiev-Cherson ad7d4d96-016b-4bed-8a86-4d7def2500c4