SB Pro PE 4.0 Available For Download

Our Downloads page has the download links for SB Pro PE 4.0, including a torrent and links for direct download. We would kindly ask you to help spread the download and balance server load by keeping your torrent files available for a few days.


The web shop will start selling 4.0 licenses from about 22:00 GMT (=midnight in continental Europe, early evening on the US East Coast). Due to minor technical difficulties we had to suspend selling time-based licenses, but we will keep supporting them, don’t worry. Hopefully we can re-enable them shortly.


The Release Notes have been updated – thanks for pointing out the errors, and participating with the prize hunt among our eastereggs. All prizes for “GRAMPS” and “Hellfire” have been claimed.

Apparently the question about pixies and the related issue of job creation turned out to be too obscure for all but one reader. Hint: This is referring to a mental breakdown of a fictional British Prime Minister in the film/cinema version fo the classic 1980s British satire “Whoops Apocalypse”. You may find the answers by watching the film, or at least suitable clips on YouTube.


The Heisenbug challenge remains open until mid October, so there’s still a number of chances to claim prizes!