Ho-Ho-Ho! SB Pro PE 4.023

Merry Christmas, everybody!


eSim Games has just released the new version for Steel Beasts Professional, Personal Edition – version 4.023.


The release notes are available: Here.


This is a full installer, not a patch.

Get it from our Downloads page (yes, it’s up).


Version 4.023 is a free update. At least one more free update is planned for the 4.0 series of SB Pro PE, then introducing the new terrain engine.

For this update, the biggest changes are

  • The hovercam animation path editor: Create your own cinematic scenes with smoothly moving cameras
  • Substantial updates to the CV90/35 fire control system simulations. Things just got more complicated, yay!
  • Four pages of bug fixes, the joy!
  • New terrain objects, and textures; more shit to build better farms