3.0: Cubes are coming back

Old Cubes vs. New

The 3.002 release replaced a number of old building models with new, better looking ones of the same size. Or so we planned. Minor deviations in size had however unintended consequences.  Unfortunately we did not take into account the frequent use of the “Desert Cube” buildings to assemble office complexes in city models that could be in any climate region, including winter. The “new cube” is slightly smaller, creating gaps in such assemblies.

This has let map makers scurrying off to rearrange the “new cubes” to close the gaps in what is supposed to appear as a solid office building. In order to protect your investment in the old maps we decided to add another cube-like building model with exactly the same old dimensions as it was before. So don’t go over your old maps just yet, but wait for the next update. The gaps will close themselves.