3.0: License activations back on track

Upgrade license tickets for SB Pro PE 3.0 may be activated again.

(Mountain View / Hannover, Germany)

Last Saturday a crucial element of the license activation chain stopped working. This resulted in a problem for all our customers who attempted to activate tickets containing new (permanent) licenses, upgrades, or secondary licenses. They all could no longer be activated. Instead, the dreaded “Internal Error” appeared on the screen.

Since then eSim staff has attempted to get the situation straightened out. Unfortunately it turned out to be more complicated than expected. It involved the support of Wibu Systems USA and in Germany. 30 minutes ago I received a phone call from Wibu Systems that the activation is working again.

eSim Games offers its sincere apologies to all customers affected by this incident. We assure you that there will be a critical review of all work processes compounding. Where changes are necessary to reduce reaction times and to improve the reliability of service, they will be made.


This includes the following identified elements

  • Host location: From 2014 on, the web depot for eSim Games will in the future be hosted in Wibu System’s data center in Germany. This will offer better monitoring and, above all, much faster reaction times in cases that require the attention of human specialists
  • Release dates: eSim Games will no longer release immediately before a weekend, but give preference to the first half of a week.
  • Check the fuel, not the gauge: A monitoring program as the cornerstone of an early warning system failed. Prior to releases we will in the future directly check the number of activations left (and increase that number, where necessary)