Video: 3.0 as an urban combat wargame

Ulf Krahn from our partner Terranis just uploaded this demonstration of Steel Beasts Pro 3.0 as a wargame in an urban combat scenario where the computer-controlled units are largely left to themselves. The chosen tactics may be questionable but it’s a nice demonstration about the level of competence that can currently be expected from computer-controlled units fighting each other in restrictive urban terrain.

Setting up the scenario cost about two hours which is testament to how quickly an experienced mission designer can generate content with Steel Beasts’ integrated editors. Perfection, as usual, takes more time…


The 15′ video also demonstrates a few basic tactical event captured for the AAR. Almost needless to say, SB Pro will capture a lot more information about what happened where, when, and with whom during an exercise. Add to that the tabular exercise summary with logistics state and consumption display as well as the complete event list, suitable for further analysis in a training database.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.