SB Pro PE 4.1: Soon To Be Released, Downloads Start Today

With the last YouTube video being up, the
release of version 4.1 is about to enter the final phase.

Version 4.1 is the culmination of the development of a number of
breakthrough innovations started up to six years ago with the decision
to pursue a strategy of highest fidelity of simulation results by
combining high-resolution terrain data, deformable terrain, and a high
resolution of simulating the terminal ballistic effects of high
explosive fragmentation warheads – in addition to the already superior
simulation quality of APFSDS and HEAT rounds’ terminal ballistic

To facilitate this unique and unprecedented combination a number of
other factors needed to be updated, like the introduction of mass-
scaling vehicle suspension simulation or a new approach to pathfinding
and infantry micro behavior.

Also, Steel Beasts now looks better than ever, at higher framerates
than what was possible with version 4.0:

4.1 – Vector ATTV

4.1 – Winter Is Coming

4.1 – Finnish Summer Day (III)