SB Pro PE 4.1: Map Tools, Map Installer Available For Download

The Steel Beasts Map Tools installer, and the Map Packages installer
itself are now available for download (link to page at the bottom of
this article). The Map Tools are a set of utility programs that will
ease the handling of map packages in the future, so their installation
is highly recommended (but not strictly required).

Likewise, the Map Packages will install the maps you are familiar with
from previous Steel Beasts versions, but already converted to the new
format. They can be installed on any SSD or harddisk drive you like on
your system, Steel Beasts will automatically recognize the location
when installed later.
In addition, eSim Games provides a number of LIDAR scan based maps
kindly provided by other customers and industry partners, such as
Terranis Systems. These maps take advantage of
the much higher resolution of the new terrain engine, resulting in
visually appealing and detail-rich environments such as Pahkajärvi
(Finland), or Paderborn Sennelager (Germany), home of the BAOR.