SB Pro PE 3.025 Released

The new version has been completed, and is ready.

Check out our Downloads page for version 3.025.

While you wait for the torrent’s (or direct download’s) completion please take the time to at least study the first pages of the release notes with their detailed installation instructions. Knowledgeable users of the various 3.0 updates will notice that green text in the release notes denotes previous changes whereas black text is relevant for the latest changes.

We apologize for the inconvenience that may have been caused with the error in the bit torrent seed. 

All download links, including the torrent seed, work now as intended. Version 3.025 replaces every previous version of Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0; their downloads are no longer available.

We also pruned a few incremental updates that were later replaced by full installers (version 2.5, 2.6). However, it is still possible for every customer of previous releases to get the highest version that his license supports – 2.328, 2.370, 2.483, 2.552, 2.654.