SB Pro PE: Program Installer Available For Download

The program installer (version 4.162) is available for download, effective immediately. eSim Staff are standing by in the user forum https://www.steelbeasts.com to assist you if you run into any kind of obstacle. Please uninstall previous versions of Steel Beasts first, followed by the version 4.162 full installer. Downloads Version 4.1 can be run with the […]

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DTED is dead.

    The Map won’t tell you everything you need to know     Throughout my career as a professional soldier I was reminded that the map only tells so much about the terrain, and that in ground operations the terrain would be a prime point of consideration for all tactical decision-making. This went straight

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Lemur RWS for the Danish Army

Case Study Current operations in Afghanistan have shifted the military’s attention to the role of the light vehicle. In asymmetric wars they are a preferred target for ambush – partly due to their greater number in theater, partly due to the insurgents’ perception as easier targets with similar reward – the death or injury of its occupants.

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CV90/35 for Denmark

Case Study With the procurement of the new infantry fighting vehicle CV90/35 from BAE Hägglunds the necessity for a training solution appeared on the agenda of the Danish Army. eSim Games took the responsibility to provide the software for gunnery and crew procedure training within the well-known tactical environment of Steel Beasts Professional. The development

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