Video: Terrain Engine Comparison

The fourth video is up in our series on The Steel Beasts Channel shows you a comparison between the look of maps as you know them in direct comparison with the new terrain engine. Note that, to create a direct comparison, the chosen terrain had to be identical (in this case, the well-known Hannover-Weserbergland map near the village of Deckbergen), so both maps are based on the same low resolution source material. The salient point here is the different treatment of roads.

Also note that once again the footage was created from a beta version, so it may not be entirely respresentative of the final release.

To make it a bit more interesting I added a number of new vehicles. Can you spot them all?



Footage was taken from late Alpha/early Beta versions. The camera movement is a feature based on an experimental internal tool that will not be part of the initial 4.0 release.