CodeMeter News Feb 2014

Wibu Systems released the new CodeMeter runtime version 5.10a.

eSim Games will ship it with the next update of the Personal Edition (scheduled for end of February 2014). With this new runtime version the need for the Java or ActiveX web technologies are no longer required  to activate license tickets on the web depot page. These were a source of frustration to some users as the myriad of different security settings occasionally prevented a successful ticket activation.

In the meantime the License Central server has been migrated to Germany, and upgraded to support the new runtime software’s capabilities. From this move we expect a higher uptime, better system monitoring, and faster response times in case of service requests. We are confident that with these steps we will restore the quality of service to all our customers to a level that meets our own standards.

We also created a help page on the forum with the most common remedial steps to eventual activation woes.