Apparently, we’re spammers

Not, that we are. Honestly, we’re not!


The problem is that there’s an increasing number of internet service providers (including very large ones, I’m looking at you, CableOne and Verizon!) that seems to filter our messages to you even when we’re directly replying to your tech support or sales inquiries. If you sent us a message and got no reply within a day or two at most, chances are very high that your ISP has been the culprit. I really try to answer every email that reaches me. But if there is no alternative email address to which I could send my reply (the free webmail services all seem to work), even repeated inquiries from your end are a fruitless effort.

The infuriating thing is that in most cases we won’t get even a message from the ISP that our email to you has been suppressed. And when they do, you can’t protest the decision of a stupid anti spam bot and get yourself whitelisted. The ISPs simply don’t care. In the end, this is a man in the middle attack. I understand that spam has really become a problem if 95% of all email traffic is needless marketing drivel promising to help with erectile dysfunction, or URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSALS from one of the many dispossessed Nigerian princes.

But the fact remains that these filters are breaking email as a reliable form of communication – you just don’t know what other legitimate emails you don’t receive because your ISP decides that “you don’t need that”. I can but recommend to you that when you’re not receiving an email from us, try and use an alternative email address from a different domain.