Steel Beasts Professional is a vehicle-centric virtual and constructive simulation for the Windows™ PC platform.

Market Analysis

Armies world wide face the challenge of providing better training for more complex situations and systems in a time of smaller defense budgets. Computer simulations can be a smart solution to this problem. To maximize the benefits from simulations in training, simulations must be available wherever and whenever the training demands it. The Steel Beasts product line provides a solution to this problem: »

Customer Benefits

Cost effective » Improved unit coherence » Improved leadership proficiency » Gunners refine their technical skills »

Case Studies

Full Mission Trainer » Lemur Remote Weapon Station » SB Pro in Crew Trainers » CV90/35 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Simulator for the Danish Army » CV90 Training in Finland »

Version Differences

Intended Use: SB Professional: Training of soldiers in a (networked) simulation lab under the direction of an operator / controller. SB Pro PE: Training of soldiers on their personal PCs using exercises that do not require an operator / controller. SB Pro has all the features of SB Pro PE – plus these: »

System Requirements

Steel Beasts Professional Personal Edition (PE) » The classroom version of Steel Beasts Professional » For Gunnery and Crew Training Purposes » Eventual other instruments (replica, or surplus) may be supported. Please contact us for details. »