Combat Procedure Trainer Leopard 2

The GeSim Leopard 2 (combat procedure trainer) has received its lifetime extension. The Austrian Bundesheer has accepted the final delivery and resumes the training of its tank companies at the Combat School in Zwölfaxing near Vienna. The combat procedure trainer was originally manufactured in Germany in 1993, and later sold to Austria along with the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank.

Steel Beasts Professional was chosen as the desired simulation software for a variety of reasons, among them the flexibility to connect the combat procedure trainer with the larger classroom network in a nearby building to embed the  platoon level simulator cabins in the tactical context of company team and even battalion scale exercises. As such, it now supports the inclusion of desktop trainer stations simulating other Austrian vehicles such as the Ulan IFV, or the LMV with its remote weapon station.

The lifetime extension of the GeSim is the result of a collaborative effort where Diehl Defence of Röthenbach, Germany took responsibility for the hardware part – replacement of obsolete electronic components, interfacing with control instruments, and expanding the simulator’s capability with the addition of extra sights and instruments.