Tutorial Video: Map Editor This video (originally released in June 2021) covers the basic tools of the Steel Beasts Pro integrated Map Editor, and how they can help you enhance existing maps, or to adapt them to your scenario’s needs.

Tutorial Video: The Steel Beasts Documentation This video (originally released in August 2021) describes the User’s Manual and additional electronic documents delivered with Steel Beasts Pro, and online resources such as the Steel Beasts Wiki.  Because knowing is half the battle.

Xmas Lottery 2021

Dear Steel Beasts Customer, eSim Games has a lottery this year, and you may have won! The details are described in this video: Sincerely, eSim Games

CodeMeter Runtime version 7.10a – upgrade recommended

According to today’s security advisory from Wibu Systems we strongly recommend all customers to switch to the CodeMeter runtime version 7.10a as soon as its available, Sept 17th.  Until then, we recommend removing any codemeter license servers from the internet. All future installers of SB Pro will incorporate the latest CodeMeter runtime.