3.0: The Release Notes

While the beta test team is still in its relentless pursuit of that elusive “last bug” it is time to lean back a bit and have a look at what has been done in the last 22 months. A good starting point may be the Release Notes which summarize important hints for the installation as well as providing an overview about feature additions, changes, and the seemingly endless list of bugs. They can be found on our Downloads page, of course.

US readers will hopefully muster the magnanimousness to accept the page format change from Letter to A4. It helped reducing the page count from 71 to a hopefully more palatable 66 (no wonder – A4 is a bit longer, d’oh!).


Basically the document has been sorted in order of importance, with the download and installation tips first, licensing information, then user interface changes, followed by vehicles, then bug fixes. We really tried to condense the content to important entries. Unfortunately what’s “important” is to an extent a reflection of every user’s individual preferences. I guess you’ll simply have to live with it.

Remember, it’s okay to skip pages, especially the late ones, although careful readers may be rewarded with useful knowledge.


I’ll have to stop writing now: Tomorrow the Dalai Lama will visit (no kidding).

Despite ridiculous claims to the contrary he’s not looking for new ways to train Buddhist Warrior Monks in the art of armored warfare however – just visiting the school across the street.