Customer Benefits

Cost savings

  • No collateral damage to environment
  • No accidents or injuries
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs
  • Improved preparation makes better use of live-fire exercises (reducing ammunition waste)
  • No need to worry about safety regulations
  • No fuel costs

Improved unit coherence

  • Company- and platoon-scale tactical training exercises can be run for minimum cost
  • Familiarization with complex tactical situations
  • Coordination of actions between vehicles, platoons, and combat support units
  • Radio traffic enabled through 3rd party voice over IP solutions
  • Improved perception of individual role in the framework of company maneuver
  • Deepened understanding of higher echelon mission.

Improved leadership proficiency

Audio-visuals purposely designed to create a stressful environment, putting the student under pressure to make tactical decisions under real-time conditions with information overflow.

Entertainment value increases motivation for independent training even at home, and in leisure time.

Gunners refine their technical skills

  • Improved gunnery skills – LRF, dynamic lead, and most fire control modes are available.
  • Accurate ballistics – manual deviations can be induced for additional training value.*
  • Detailed after action review can be saved for later playback and classroom discussion.
  • AAR includes hit rays to indicate exact locations of hits on target vehicles.

*This feature is only available in the classroom version of SB Pro