Steel Beasts Pro

Steel Beasts Professional is a vehicle-centric virtual and constructive simulation for the Windows™ PC platform.

It covers the part task training spectrum for

  • Individual crew station (commander, gunner)
  • Crew procedure training (commander, driver, gunner, loader, mech squad leader)
  • Platoon level combat technique/battle drill rehearsal
  • Company level combined arms tactical training
  • Battalion level combined arms tactical training (and small operations command post exercises)
  • Brigade level tactical exercises without troops

An elevated level of fidelity is modeled in direct fire exterior and terminal ballistics, fire control systems and related crew procedures as well as the relationship between complementary elements of combatants in the tactical spectrum. Steel Beasts Professional can handle up to twelve sides per scenario including neutral forces, noncombatants/civilian population, enemy factions, and a dynamic change of attitudes/allegiance. The software is delivered with integrated editors for terrain and scenarios, and is suitable for both individual and collective education and training in a networked environment.

The simulation can be integrated with battlefield management systems (to stimulate them with a dynamic tactical environment), with other simulations (via HLA/DIS gateway, or by custom gateways like WISE Connectivity), with traditional containerized crew trainer cabins, or appended to actual combat vehicles. This way Steel Beasts Professional offers our customers a very high degree of flexibility in its use, and its integration into the training continuum. A possible additional benefit is that soldiers throughout their career will be using the same simulation at different stages, but in a different context – without having to adapt to a new simulation system (where the “natural” user interface like control handles and control panels cannot be provided).

Scenarios developed with Steel Beasts offer the instructor a high degree of control while maintaining a relatively simple and intuitive user interface. Existing electronic terrain databases can be imported via DTED and Shape™ files.