eSim Games cooperates with the following industry partners:

AFVSim_sm AFV Sim Ltd. – Supplier of gunnery control handle replicas


calytrix_logo_small Calytrix Technologies – provider of LVC Game, a DIS/HLA gateway for Steel Beasts Pro, and Comm Net Radio (CNR) DIS/HLA radio/intercom simulation software and hardware products, and LVC Cost Counter for quantification of real-world costs associated with simulation-based training.


Diehl BGT Defence offers the ATLan-AS technology for appended trainer systems. That way, Steel Beasts Professional can be made to work with existing real-life weapon systems as a vehicle-specific simulator/trainer software. Such appended trainers may be integrated into remote classroom network sessions. Have an old containerized simulator to refurbish? Please contact us.


ifadsm IFAD is a and supplier of the IRAS Comm Voice over IP/Radio Network simulation, and integrating SB Pro with other DIS/HLA compliant simulations and C2 systems


relionsm RE-liON Builder enables rapid manual and procedural creation and maintenance of correlated terrain databases.


saabsm Saab Training Systems offers WISE Connectivity – a protocol-independent custom gateway to connect Steel Beasts Professional to a multitude of other simulations or IT infrastructure like battlefield management systems.


systematicsm Systematic is provider of battlefield management systems, especially Sitaware Frontline, to integrate with Steel Beasts Professional


terrasimsm TerraSim Inc. (now a subsidiary of Bohemia Interactive) provides correlated digital terrain database management software


Trian Graphics - Intelligent Terrain Solutions Trian Graphics’ Trian3DBuilder is a terrain database generator suitable for Steel Beasts Pro map data output.