eSim Games is an independent software developer specialized on vehicle-centric simulations of combined arms combat tactics at battalion level and below. Its main product is Steel Beasts Professional which is available in two variants, the classroom version for (collective) military training and the Personal Edition (Steel Beasts Pro PE). The software is being developed with consumer/gaming technology and techniques for the Windows PC platform, and unsurpassed in its quality-to-price ratio.

SB Pro PE is suitable for explorative learning in self-study and distance learning.

Typical training cases to be addressed with Steel Beasts Professional are gunnery training (if combined with specialized hardware like gunnery handle replicas), crew procedure training, battle drills at platoon level, tactical education at battalion level and below, and up to brigade level as a constructive simulation.

Steel Beasts Professional integrates with

  • battlefield management systems
  • other simulation systems
  • hardware (like containerized crew simulators)
  • real combat vehicles (with the help of appended trainer systems, or by direct integration)