eSim Games, LLC is an independent software developer. We specialize in vehicle-centric simulations for combined arms combat tactics at battalion level and below. Our main product is Steel Beasts Professional, which is available in two variants, the classroom version for collective military training and the personal edition, Steel Beasts Pro PE, suitable for exploratory learning in self-study and distance learning. The software is being developed with consumer gaming technology and techniques for the Windows platform, and is unsurpassed in its quality-to-price ratio. Typical training cases to be addressed with Steel Beasts Professional are gunnery training (when combined with specialized hardware like gunnery handle replicas), crew procedure training, battle drills at platoon level, tactical education at battalion level and below, and up to brigade level as a constructive simulation.

Steel Beasts Professional integrates with:

  • battlefield management systems
  • other simulation systems
  • hardware (like containerized crew simulators)
  • real combat vehicles (with the help of appended trainer systems or by direct integration)

Initial development on Steel Beasts started in 1995. The first game version was quickly adopted by a range of military customers, for which numerous customizations were developed which were combined and released as the now current product line, Steel Beasts Professional.

eSim Games has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, with an additional office in Hannover, Germany. Primary customers are the land forces of Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and The Netherlands, with additional customers in the Americas and Europe.

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Steel Beasts Professional provides endless customer benefits:
Realistic Training Environments, Vastly Reduced Expenses, Improved Unit Coherence, Improved Leadership Proficiency,
Improved Gunnery Skills Using Accurate Ballistics and Fire Control Systems